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Visit the Park While Dog Walking in Portland OR

Avoiding problems when dog walking in Portland OR

Many dog owners enjoy visiting the dog park when out dog walking in Portland OR. It’s a great place to play and socialize with other dogs and owners. Just keep in mind that when you have so many dogs off the leash together, the fun can sometimes turn to fighting. You, as the handler, need to be prepared with the proper knowledge to handle the situation if it arises. dog walking in Portland OR

In order for dogs to be safe at the dog park, they need to be sufficiently supervised. Owners need to be aware of what to watch for to keep problems from getting out of hand. Watch for early warning signs that a dog is getting stressed. These can include lip licking, half closed eyes, stiffening and avoidance. These are all signals that an owner can use to intervene before things get too violent.

If a fight does erupt, there are some things owners can do to intervene. You can try making a loud sound that will distract the dogs enough to interrupt the fight. You can also putting something in between the dogs, such as a chair, a bucket, or whatever is nearby, to disrupt the fight. Another suggestion is to remove all other dogs when there is a fight, so that others don’t join in the fracas.

If you keep these tips in mind before you head off to the dog park with your pooch, you can relax and have some quality time with your dog.

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