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Travel Safety and Dog Boarding in Portland OR

Keep your dog safe as you travel to dog boarding in Portland OR

As you make your holiday plans, keep in mind these tips for safe traveling with your pets. The most important thing to remember as you travel with your dog to dog boarding in Portland OR, or anywhere your travels may take you this season, is to restrain your dog in the car. dog boarding in Portland OR

Dog restraint is most significant way you can keep your pet safe while in the car. It keeps them from interfering with the driver and it also keeps them from being injured in the event of sudden braking or an accident. It is also imperative that dogs ride in the backseat and not in the driver’s lap or the front passenger seat. A dog would be crushed by an air bag or by the body of a person if they are sitting in front. An unrestrained pet can be just as dangerous in the car as an unrestrained person.

Your dog can also cause distractions if he is loose in the car, and more than 1.5 million crashes a year are caused by driver distraction.

The best method of restraint is a secured travel kennel, but a harness that attaches to the seat belt can also work for medium and larger dogs. You should never restrain your dog by the neck in a moving vehicle, as this could result in strangulation.

Because traveling can be frightening and confusing for some pets, consider leaving him or her in the care of a professional dog sitter. That way, your dog can relax in a safe environment, and you can relax and enjoy your trip until you and your dog are reunited.

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