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Special Needs Dog Boarding in Portland OR

Dog boarding in Portland OR for pets who need special care

At BellyRub we offer kennel-free dog boarding in Portland OR. This is an in-our-home option for any pets with special needs or medical needs while you are gone. Here are some of the special dog personalities we can help with. Dogs who are skittish, dogs who are high energy, or dogs who have separation anxiety. We also serve puppies, elderly dogs and dogs with medical needs. dog boarding in Portland OR

We excel at caring for dogs who are nervous, fearful, or have anxiety about being separated from you. We maintain a peaceful and relaxed environment that is soothing to dogs who have fears and anxieties. We give your dog plenty of space and time to calm down and feel safe with us.

If your dog is young or has a high energy level, we know just how to accommodate  him or her. We have lots of space and time to play and let off steam. Your young or energetic pup will have plenty of opportunities to play and run and stay entertained.

We are prepared to take care of all kinds of dogs. Young or old, large or small. We give personalized attention to dogs of all ages, breeds, types or health conditions. Call us today to learn more about our boarding services503-343-9733

Our Services

Pet Sitting

While you're away have us in to care for your pets in the comfort of their home.

Dog Walking & Running

Attentive walks and/or runs offered 7 days a week; 7am to 7pm.

Special Needs Boarding

Overnight "in our home" care for those... well..special needs pets.

House Sitting

Special home tasks while pet sitting or separate service available without pets.