Dog Walking

Our dog walking services can be customized to your dog’s specific needs and dog walks include individual attention and a private outdoor walk. We are happy to give your dog a treat, fresh water/food, medication administration and, of course, plenty of BellyRubs!! We do not pack walk which means that your dog is our sole focus. We have experience working with energetic puppies, special needs pets, dogs recovering from surgery and seniors.

We are certified in Pet First Aid & CPR through the American Red Cross and insured and bonded.

Whether you work during the day or just need a little extra help exercising your dog once in awhile, our dog walking services can help insure that your pup gets out when he needs to most!

Organize a walk schedule with a friend and receive special “Pooch Pals” discounting. Includes a 30-45 minute walk with your pooch and your pooch’s pal from the same building or block. Limited to 2 mid/large dogs or 3 small (under 20lbs) dogs at a time.


                          30 Minute Visit: $20.00                                                      45 Minute Visit: $35.00   

Value Package

             Walk Blocks  –                                                                                    For set scheduled 5 walks per week (M-F)  a                          prepaid purchase of 20 walks discount is offered.                30 Minute Walk – $19.00  

Pooch Pal Walks

                  30 Minute Visit: $15.00 ea pooch                                    45 Minute Visit: $20.00 ea pooch   


As much as your pet can handle!!!      FREE 

Pet Sitting

Visits are offered in 30 and 45 minute increments, along with a discount that kicks in on the fourth daily visit. Visits include anything you need relating to your pet, but nothing less than the following services;

  • Lots of attention and BellyRubbing!
  • Food, water and treats 
  • Outdoor potty and play time
  • Walking and/or running
  • Cleaning pet areas, in and out
  • Medication / Special diet administration
  • Home upkeep tasks like collecting mail, watering plants, trash pick-up
  • Insuring the “at home” look with lighting and blinds

Overnight Stays in Your Home  –  For those that want additional time and/or comfort for their pets we offer an overnight service. Includes the above services along with an overnight stay.

Pet Sitting – in your home    

                          30 Minute Visit: $20.00*                                                                          60 Minute Visit: $40.00

                                           *Cat sits range from 15 to 30 mins

Value Package

           Multiple Visits
           For those that want more than 3 visits each day a               discount is offered beginning with the 4th visit.
           30 Minutes – Visit 1, 2 & 3: $20.00 ea
                                     Visit 4+: $18.50 ea

Overnight Care – in your home    

                         per night – $65.00*
                        *Additional daily visits are charged                                             at normal pet sitting rates 

Special Needs Care

We know how hard it is to leave your pets, especially as they age and/or have a medical condition. We provide specialized pet care that can include special diets, medications, diaper changes, or any other special needs. Whether during a daily dog walk or In-Home visits while you are away we have the experience to take good care. We are certified in Pet First Aid & CPR through the American Red Cross. 

While we do look at each case individually for aspects that may affect rate, in most cases the charge is the same as regular pet sitting.

house sitting - no pets

While we offer home tasks at no additional charge while pet sitting, we can also schedule in home care for just your house even without pets. 

$20.00 per visit