Initial Consultation – No charge

We require an introductory meeting with you and your pet(s) before beginning any of our services. This allows us to discuss and gather information about your pet’s needs and routine, as well as any special requests that you might have. If service is agreed upon, we will also go over paperwork and home access instructions.

Client Paperwork / Information

Client-Pet Profiles will be kept on file for recurring and/or future services. BelllyRub considers information and communication with clients confidential and privileged.


We will need a key for your home to provide services and are happy to keep your keys if you are a repeat/recurring client. We keep keys in our office safe (with coded ID) when not in use, so you can be assured it is safe.  Any alarm codes will also be kept in our safe and kept confidential. If you would like your keys returned to you after your service, there is a $10 delivery charge or we can mail your keys via normal USPS for $5.


Dogs are required to have an ID tag. BellyRub Pets has temporary tags with our contact info that can be used in place or along with the dogs normal tags.

For Travelers — Upon Your Return Home

Poop happens and delays can occur. So that your pet does not go unattended we are ready to step in should this need arise. It is very important that you contact us upon your return home. If we do not receive a call/text from you, we will attempt to call you and, with no response, will send a sitter to your home to continue the previously arranged service. A regular service charge will be applied to your bill for this additional visit.

Methods of Payment

Payment for dog walking services is due weekly, unless purchasing a prepaid value package. Payment for sitting services is due once you arrive back home; an invoice will be emailed or left for you. Deposits may be required for longer bookings. We accept cash, checks and credit via PayPal. Please make all checks out to BellyRub Pet Services. Returned check fee- $35.


DOG WALKING – Full charge if cancelled after 10:00pm the day before the walk. Regular, set weekly scheduled clients allowed 1 cancellation per month without incurring a fee provided it is not at the actual time of service.                                                                                                    PET SITTING – For longer trips a 25% deposit is required at 14 days from service date. At 7 days from service date the full balance is due with no refund if canceled.

Holiday Bookings

We have a 5.00 per visit holiday surcharge and will need a 50% deposit on all holiday services. No refund if canceled within 14 days of service date. The holidays included are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Unexpected, but Necessary

In the event that we have to purchase appropriate supplies (food, litter, cleaning) while you’re away, we will furnish receipt and add amount to invoicing. Unexpected vet visits will be discussed in detail at the consultation meeting.