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New dog products for pet sitting in Portland OR

There are always lots of new pet products on the market. We thought we would bring you some of the new fun and useful dog products we found. At BellyRub Pet Sitting in Portland OR we are always looking for innovative ways to make your pet’s life easier and more enjoyable.

First, we found a toy that we know a lot of dogs will adore. It’s the Big Bite Skinneeez Water Bottle toy. It’s a plush toy that looks like a stuffed animal without the stuffing. It has a velcro opening so you can slip an empty plastic water bottle inside. It then makes a very satisfying crunching and crackling sound when your dog plays with it. It comes in Coyote, Jackal, or Wolf. pet sitting in Portland OR

The next great product is the Kibble Nibble dog toy which is an egg-shaped toy that randomly dispenses dog food as your dog plays with it. It’s a mentally and physically stimulating toy that makes your dog look forward to mealtime. It is perfect for dogs who tend to eat too fast, because it dispenses the food gradually, so they can’t gobble it all at once.

Finally, there’s a product that makes it easy to get your dog to take his medicine. It’s called Pill Pockets and it’s made by Greenies. It’s a small treat with a hollow center, so you slip the pill inside and pinch the end shut, and your dog doesn’t even suspect he’s taking medicine. They make a cat variety too.

When it comes to taking good care of your pets, you can count on BellyRub Pet Services to keep them safe and entertained while you are away. You can Request a Consultation today.

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