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Pet Sitting in Portland OR Gives Us Pet Naming Insider Information

Pet sitting in Portland OR Is Our Business… Choosing a name for your pet is yours!

It’s a big decision. What will you name your new pet? Many of us give it just as much consideration as we would for a child. If you need a little guidance, here are statistics on how people name their pets, and also some suggestions to help with your decision. pet sitting in Portland OR

In a recent poll conducted by Pet Sitters International, pet owners were asked how they decided on a name for their pet. Here are the ways in which people chose names. Forty-seven percent of pet owners chose human names like Max, Sam and Molly. About 33 percent gave their pet a name that described an action or personality such as Cruiser, Sweetie or Cuddles. Twenty three percent of pet owners gave their pets names that described their appearance such as Brownie or Fluffy. And 18 percent gave their pets the name of a famous person, such as a rock star or an athlete.

Here are some other things to consider when choosing a pet name. Select a name that is easy for the animal to recognize, and not one that sounds like the name of someone else in the family. It has been shown that animals respond best to one or two syllable names. Think of names that are easy to call out, and names that don’t sound like common commands such as sit, stay or fetch. Also, you’ll want to choose a name that will fit your pet throughout it’s life, not just as a kitten or puppy.

Another good source of pet names is a baby name book. They include the meanings of names, which can help you find a name that fits your pet perfectly.

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