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Pet Safety Tips for In Home Pet Sitting in Portland OR

Keep your pets safe from holiday hazards with in home pet sitting in Portland OR

The winter holidays can pose some seasonal hazards for your pets. You can avoid these hazards with some awareness and planning. At BellyRub In Home Pet Sitting in Portland OR, we know how to check your home for the dangers that may occur during the holidays. in home pet sitting in Portland OR

The decorating that we traditionally do around the holidays involves strings of lights and ornaments. Some dogs and cats are attracted to shiny things, and like to chew on new things in the environment. If your pet chews on the electrical cords it can cause electrical shock and burns. You can prevent chewing on cords by using cord covers or organizers to keep the wires under wraps. You can also keep cords unplugged when you are not in the room.

During the holiday season we all like to decorate with tinsel and ribbon, but it can pose a risk for cats and dogs as well. Cats and some dogs like to chew and swallow long stringy things. When swallowed, tinsel and ribbon can’t be digested, so it can bunch up in the animal’s intestines, causing an intestinal blockage. Most cats and dogs with an intestinal blockage will require surgery to remove the blockage. The best way to prevent the risk of tinsel or ribbon swallowing, is to refrain from using tinsel or ribbon if you have pets in the house. If you suspect that your cat or dog has eaten ribbon or tinsel, they need to be examined by your veterinarian.

Another holiday hazard that it is important to keep away from pets is candy, and chocolate in particular. Chocolate, besides causing an upset stomach, contains caffeine and a toxin called theobromine. If your pet does get into some chocolate, it is recommended that they be examined by your vet. It is best to keep chocolate and other sweet treats well out of reach of your dogs and cats.

These are just a few of the hazards that are unique to the holiday season. By being aware and following some simple guidelines, you can keep your pets safe from these risky situations during the holidays.


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