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Pet Care Services in Portland OR

Pet care services in Portland OR improve everyone's quality of life!We offer a complete menu of pet care services in Portland OR:

Our pet care services in Portland OR include, but are not limited to, the below list. People hire pet services in Portland OR for different reasons. Most simply want the best care for their pet while they are at work or away, though some have special needs animals, often pets with medical conditions that need specialized care and/or medications. Choosing our pet care service will help your family continue to meet their own needs (vacation, school, work, social) while ensuring that your pet has the absolute best quality of life.

Our pet care services in Portland OR are always delivered with you and your pets needs as the top priority. Learn More about our services and get in touch to schedule your free initial consultation.

Who else might benefit from professional pet services?

  • People going on vacation
  • Those that travel a lot for work
  • Hard working folks who put in long hours at the office
  • Lucky people who just brought a new pet into their environment
  • Individuals experiencing personal health issues
  • Someone who needs to care for another family member
  • A family with a new baby…or puppy…or kitten

Choosing BellyRub Pet Services, a company offering pet services in Portland OR, is like getting a new family member. We are a professional pet services company that will help you balance work and life. Pet services encompasses so much more than dog sitting, dog walking or belly rubbing – our pet services are truly a part of our passion for all animals. We strive to make life better for pets and their owners by doing the things that need to be done so you have more time to accomplish the other parts of life!



Our Services

Pet Sitting

While you're away have us in to care for your pets in the comfort of their home.

Dog Walking & Running

Attentive walks and/or runs offered 7 days a week; 7am to 7pm.

Special Needs Boarding

Overnight "in our home" care for those... well..special needs pets.

House Sitting

Special home tasks while pet sitting or separate service available without pets.