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Getting Prepared for Pet Sitting in Portland OR

Preparation is important for great pet sitting in Portland OR

You can help your pet sitter give your pets the best of care while you are gone. Just follow these recommendations for pet sitting in Portland OR.

First of all, make your pet sitting reservation far in advance of when you will be needing her, and remember, if your plans change at all, let her know as soon as possible.

Have everything your pet sitter will need all together in a convenient and visible place. Food, treats, medications, toys, cat litter, collar and tags, and the leash are the obvious things to have ready. But don’t forget the additional supplies that may become necessary, such as a can opener, brushes, paper towels, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, etc.  And be sure to leave extra food and medicine just in case you are not able to return as planned. pet sitting in Portland OR

You will also want to leave plenty of plastic bags for waste pick-up or litter disposal.

Set your thermostat to automatically control the temperature while you are away, and let your pet sitter know what range to keep it in.

Let your pet sitter know what areas of the house are off limits to your pets. Make sure to close off access to these areas before you leave. Also, tell your sitter about any problem behaviors your pets may have, so she can make every effort to prevent them in your absence.

Just to avoid confusion, if there will be other people coming into your home while you’re gone, be sure to let your pet sitter know who they are and what they will be responsible for.

Finally, you may want to notify your veterinarian that a pet sitter will be taking care of your pet for a certain length of time. And give the vet the proper permission to provide any necessary medical care.

The key to a successful pet sitting experience is preparation, and a huge part of that is choosing the right pet sitter!


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