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Find the Right Pet Sitter for Dog Boarding in Portland OR

Questions to ask your pet sitter about dog boarding in Portland OR

When you are interviewing a pet sitter to care for your dog, you want to be thorough and smart. Make sure all your questions are answered and you feel confident in your choice. Taking the time you need to get to know your pet sitter and selecting the one who is best suited for you and your dog will prove to be an investment you will be glad you made. Consider the following questions:dog boarding in Portland OR

  • If you left a message inquiring about services, how soon was it returned?
  • How much notice does the pet sitter need in order to schedule dog boarding or pet sitting?
  • Is the pet sitter bonded and insured?
  • Does the pet sitter have a clean criminal history?
  • Does the pet sitter meet with you in advance? Is there a charge for the get-acquainted visit?
  • How much experience does the pet sitter have in caring for your type of pet?
  • Does the pet sitter willingly provide references?
  • Does the pet sitter have a service contract that explains services and fees?
  • Does the pet sitter have a website?
  • How much time does the pet sitter spend with your pet?
  • How does the pet sitter handle medical situations that may arise?
  • Does the pet sitter have a plan to deal with extreme weather or natural disasters?
  • When you meet with the pet sitter does she display a positive attitude and comfortable demeanor around your pets?
  • How does the pet sitter confirm your return home?
  • Does the pet sitter provide you with an evaluation form for their services?
  • What are the pet sitter’s payment terms?

When you are looking for dog boarding in Portland OR, and other first-rate pet services, ask the right questions in order to make sure you hire the pet sitter that is the best fit for you.

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