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What does it take to get started?

A phone call to us. If you leave a message, we will call you back within the hour to schedule a free meet and greet consultation appointment. Learn more about our policies.

I’m concerned about early morning needs, my parrot likes the blinds opened early.

We get started pretty early in the am…first visits are available as early as 6am.

Are you available if I want to check in on my pet while we’re away?

You betcha! As a matter of fact, we will discuss exactly what type of communication and check ins you would like from us as well, whether using the pet sitting or walking services. We will also take pictures and video to help ease pet withdrawals.

Will you give medicine?

Yes. We are able to administer medications and will follow any diet restrictions/instructions as well. Our visits are tailored to meet the exact needs of every one of your pets.

My pet has displayed aggressive behavior in the past, will you consider him/her?

Yes. For aggressive pets, we will interview you and your pet to determine if our services would be appropriate. If we move forward and determine at any time that it is unsafe to perform a service, we reserve the right to discontinue service.

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Our Services

Pet Sitting

While you're away have us in to care for your pets in the comfort of their home.

Dog Walking & Running

Attentive walks and/or runs offered 7 days a week; 7am to 7pm.

Special Needs Boarding

Overnight "in our home" care for those... well..special needs pets.

House Sitting

Special home tasks while pet sitting or separate service available without pets.