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How to Exercise Your Dog

Keeping your dog fit and healthy in the city

You might think that if you live in the city, your options for exercising your pooch are limited. Well, we have a few ideas for you that will help you keep your dog fit no matter where you live.

If you work long hours, or can’t be home during the day, the best way to maintain your dog’s activity level is to hire a dog walker. A dog walker will come to your house and take your dog out to get his exercise and some fresh air as often as he or she needs it. Depending on where you live, a dog walker may be able to take your dog to the local dog park to play and socialize with other dogs. pet sitting

If you are the one exercising your dog, try using the local park or walking paths. Some dog parks do require proof of immunizations and basic behavior training.

Just as it is for people, swimming is a great low-impact exercise for dogs. It is recommended for dogs with arthritis, and those who need physical therapy, because it is easier on the joints, muscles, and ligaments. There are more and more swimming facilities that allow dogs to swim, sometimes on certain days or for certain events. You can check with your local pool to see if they offer anything like this.

You also, of course, have the option of exercising your dog at home. One method of exercising your pup at home is using the treadmill. If you’re going to use this strategy, you will have to get your dog used to the treadmill, and the best way to do it is to walk with him, at least at first. Make sure to set the treadmill at the dog’s natural walking pace. Most dogs will learn to enjoy walking on the treadmill, and will even begin to look forward to it. If you live in a building with stairs, that is another option for getting your dog to exercise. Just be sure to start out at a pace you and your dog can comfortably do.

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