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Choosing a Pet

Choosing a pet for your child

At some point, most children will ask for a pet of their own. Having a pet is a family decision, as is which pet to choose. Choosing the right pet is important because a child’s first experience as a pet owner will build the foundation for the child’s future as a pet owner. As a family you will need to find the balance between the child’s desire to have a positive pet ownership experience and the reality of the parents’ time, energy and money limitations. After all, as the parent, you will always be the one who is ultimately responsible for the pet. pet sitting

The factors to consider when choosing a pet include the family’s lifestyle, expectations, housing, finances, level of experience with pets, ages of the children, and history of allergies in the family. The safety of both the children and the pet should be discussed before deciding on a pet, and also periodically throughout the pet ownership years. Children can forget to be calm and gentle with animals, and animals, no matter what the breed, have their own personalities. Remember to choose a pet based not on your child’s age so much as their maturity and responsibility level.

Sharing childhood with a beloved pet is an adventure that has no equal. When you choose your pet wisely it can be a peak experience for the whole family. At BellyRub Pet Services, we understand that your pet is an important member of your family, and we want to support you when you have pet sitting needs.

Our Services

Pet Sitting

While you're away have us in to care for your pets in the comfort of their home.

Dog Walking & Running

Attentive walks and/or runs offered 7 days a week; 7am to 7pm.

Special Needs Boarding

Overnight "in our home" care for those... well..special needs pets.

House Sitting

Special home tasks while pet sitting or separate service available without pets.