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A Happy Cat

How to keep your cat happy and well-adjusted

As cat lovers, we know that besides food, water and a clean litter box, all cats have some other basic needs. See if you recognize these social, emotional, and instinctual needs in your feline friend.pet sitting

Cats have a natural scratching instinct. They scratch to mark their territory and to stretch their muscles. It’s important to provide your cat with acceptable scratching spots. If not, be prepared to have your couch or favorite chair become the target of kitty’s claws. Different cats have different preferences for scratching surfaces. Some like vertical scratching, some prefer horizontal or angled surfaces. Cats often have texture preferences as well. The best way to tell is to experiment with your cat, and see what he is interested in.

Perching is another natural cat behavior. Cats love to be above the ground where they can observe their surroundings from on high. They also love to look out the window, so a perch near a window is a great way to keep your cat content.

Cats also need a place of refuge. It can be a box, a cat bed, a bag, a cat carrier, or just a cozy hiding place in the house. Cats will often choose their own spot where they feel safe, when they just want to be alone.

Another way to keep your cat happy and healthy is provide him with plenty of toys. These don’t have to be expensive to be fun. Most cats enjoy toys they can chase. Toys tied with a string to a pole are a favorite for a lot of cats, especially if feathers are involved. Many also like small rolling balls and toys, and some like toys they can carry around in their mouth, or throw up in the air and then run to retrieve them. Some cats enjoy playing with laser pointers, while others tire quickly of catching something that isn’t tangible. It goes without saying that all cats are individuals, and your cat(s) will have their own unique preferences when it comes to playthings.

Last, but not least, there’s cuddling, which is such an individual thing, that it’s not a need for some cats. There are definitely snugglers and non-snugglers among cats. And some cats will snuggle with other cats, but not people, and any variation in between.

At BellyRub we know cats, and we love caring for the needs of all kinds of cats. Visit us at BellyRub Pet Services to learn more about how we can help you keep your exceptional cat happy and satisfied.




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