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Caring for Cats

Pet sitting for cats

As we all know (especially cat owners!), cats are different than dogs. Cats have their own special needs when their owners have to be away. At BellyRub we understand the unique requirements of cats. pet sitting

First of all, BellyRub has a policy requiring every day visits for cats. Sometimes clients will request every other day service for their cats, but we insist on visiting a minimum of once daily, because anything can happen while you are gone. Your precious cat could become sick, get injured, or damage something in the house. Not checking in daily can have disastrous consequences for your cat and for you.

Our pet sitting services for cats include at least these four components: feeding, playing, grooming, and litter box maintenance.

  • Feeding – Food and medication are given according to the client’s instructions
  • Grooming – Regular grooming is important to keep cats looking and feeling good. Brushing stimulates and conditions a cat’s skin, it helps prevent mats and hairballs, and it gives us an opportunity to bond with your kitty.
  • Playtime – Cats are naturally active and inquisitive, and playtime gives them the mental and physical stimulation they need. We will find out what kind of play your cat likes , and we will entertain them according to their age, health and physical abilities.
  • Litter box maintenance – Besides scooping the litter box, we clean up around it. We also note if the cat has used the box, and we like to know how much is normal for each cat in our care, so we can tell when a cat is ill.

Pet sitting for cats is one of our specialties. Let us know what special accommodations your cat needs, and we will customize our cat sitting service to fit your cat. We know the rewards of caring for cats – there is nothing quite like the feeling of having a cat warm up to you, and accept your offer of play, brushing or cuddling.

Our Services

Pet Sitting

While you're away have us in to care for your pets in the comfort of their home.

Dog Walking & Running

Attentive walks and/or runs offered 7 days a week; 7am to 7pm.

Special Needs Boarding

Overnight "in our home" care for those... well..special needs pets.

House Sitting

Special home tasks while pet sitting or separate service available without pets.